Life is too short, eat dessert first!

Come visit us and see what all the buzz is! From breakfast treats, 10am daily cupcake presentations, awesome grab-and-go lunches, old school cobbler in a personal pan to our organic-shade-grown coffee you will not be disappointed! If you haven't visited, you are missing out!

With a challenge, owners Tim and Clarissa Woolard started Confection Connection
in 2009. After selling a target number of cookies from their home on a part-time basis, they decided to go full time. Still selling from home, they sold to ECU, auto dealers, 
sales reps, apartment groups and a wide range of retail businesses.

With a growing fan base and increased calls for a retail location, the decision to build was made in late 2011. In the summer of 2012 the perfect location was found and construction was started. Finally, right around Thanksgiving the doors were opened.